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Josh Sarnell

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Josh Sarnell - Experienced Real Estate Broker and Advisor, Serving New York City and New Jersey




As a broker with extensive experience in both New Jersey and New York City, Josh Sarnell offers a unique advantage to clients by leveraging his comprehensive knowledge, expansive network, and strong broker relationships across these distinct markets. Growing up in Short Hills and working in the competitive New York City real estate scene, Josh has a deep understanding of the nuances between urban and suburban living. His broad market expertise allows him to provide insightful guidance to clients weighing the benefits of these lifestyles. Whether you're relocating between New York City and New Jersey or seeking to diversify your real estate investments, Josh ensures a seamless transition and identifies lucrative opportunities in both areas.

One of Josh's key strengths is his ability to find buyers before they start looking by connecting with sellers before they decide to sell, especially in the competitive New York City market. This proactive approach, facilitated by his extensive broker relationships, gives clients access to exclusive and off-market properties, ensuring they have a competitive edge. Clients benefit from expanded listings and access to a wider professional network, encompassing top inspectors, contractors, and attorneys across both regions.

With tailored recommendations, comparative market analysis, and enhanced negotiation power derived from dual-market trends, Josh delivers customized, competitive, and client-centric real estate solutions. His deep understanding of the dynamics in both markets ensures that clients receive the best possible outcomes, whether buying, selling, or investing.

Beyond his professional skills, Josh's personal journey adds to his effectiveness as a broker. Having moved back to Short Hills to raise his son, Wesley, in the same nurturing environment he grew up in, Josh is deeply committed to the community. His involvement in local activities, coaching sports, and connecting with neighbors provides him with a genuine insight into the local lifestyle, which he shares with his clients.

By choosing Josh Sarnell, you are not only getting a seasoned real estate professional but also a dedicated community member who understands your aspirations and works tirelessly to help you achieve them.

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Whether it's providing clients with up-to-date news and local statistics or marketing an apartment to the largest number of qualified buyers, Josh's understanding of the New York City and New Jersey markets gives his clients the edge they need to make the right decisions.